About Starcare

The essence of healthcare over the past centuries has been the well-being of the patient first and foremost. The 21st Century’s healthcare model has evolved to the point where every kind of care is available everywhere. This has been made possible with advances in technology that supported the consistent delivery of quality healthcare services. Clinical standards of care have maintained the rigor and essence of physician oversight.

Star Care Home Health, Star Hospice, and Star Oxygen & Medical Equipment have evolved into a seamless organization where patients receive the highest quality care in a home setting, 24/7/365. With a track record of over 1,070,000 visits over 19 years in our Home Health and Hospice services, the Star Care team is dedicated to a truly value driven service model, with an emphasis on the following “Star Care Values”:

Service of the highest quality.

Team work in delivery of care.

Attention to patient needs.

Respect to individual rights.

Compassion in care delivery.

Accessibility at all times.

Respect to physician preferences.

Excelling service delivery standards.

Service of the highest quality is a journey that began over 19 years ago. Quality is what a patient, physician, or any other care provider perceives it to be. Individual perceptions vary, but professional standards of care provide a benchmark that defines quality. Paying attention to each individual patient’s needs and expectations with an emphasis on protecting and cherishing individual rights, the Star Care team attempts to make each visit distinctive and effective.

Star Care gained the reputation of a reliable and quality driven organization by not only assisting our patients to recover their health with patient specific clinical services, but also by educating the patient and the tending caregivers to maintain the patient’s health after discharge from home health. Critical to our success is our team’s ability to respect and implement physician preferences to their patients on our services. In essence, quality care delivered while protecting patient rights and physician preferences with a 24/7 access in a compassionate environment is fundamental to the Star Care team’s effectiveness.

Star Care has always demonstrated clinical and operational initiatives that connect to the rapidly evolving healthcare models. From disease specific protocols implemented in 1990 to 2000, to the current post-acute care prevention of unnecessary readmissions has been the hallmark of the Star Care team. Star Care is committed to partner with Acute Care, Long Term Care, and Outpatient Services to coordinate and deliver consistent, reliable services to all patients regardless of their payer sources. This mission has been extremely fulfilling to the entire team of Star Care that continues to thrive in overcoming daily operational challenges in an increasingly complex healthcare system. Our mission and our relentless focus is to help each one of our patients regain their health to the extent determined by their physician, and to extend that with a quality education for the patient to enjoy a good quality of life.