It is the best of times and also the most challenging time for seniors addressing their healthcare needs. If the last century is any indication, we are headed for exciting times in the decades ahead. There will be new technologies to make our everyday lives easier. We can expect breakthroughs in medical research that will astonish us and give millions more hope for healthy, longer lives. Average life span and life expectancy in the United States have grown dramatically from about 47 years in 1900 to about 75 years in 1990 according to Agency Of Aging (See graph).

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In 2000, there were an estimated 35 million people age 65 or older in the United States, accounting for almost 13 percent of the total population. In 2011, the "baby boom" generation will begin to turn 65, and by 2030, it is projected that one in five people will be age 65 or older. The size of the older population is projected to double over the next 30 years, growing to 70 million by 2030 according to Federal Interagency Forum On Ageing-Related Statistics.

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With increasing Medicare costs every year with a growing number of Medicare beneficiaries, cost of healthcare for seniors has become a significant issue leading to efforts by Medicare to contain cost by reduction in reimbursement for Home health, Physical Therapy etc while the senior members of our community struggle with ever increasing cost of healthcare coverage, co-pays & prescription expenses. Future of Medicare services is clouded by an ever decreasing number of workers per retiree required to fund Medicare with their contributions. Healthcare providers have a critical, dual role to play in this environment.

Primary responsibility is to improve the health status of the senior population with the help of competent & caring, patient focused team. Secondary role of the service providers is to help their customers maintain a healthy lifestyle that is proactive and geared towards preventive services in the healthcare arena. A healthcare provider has succeeded in establishing such a program that brings all of the above to the patient's door step. Read on about 'Star Care' solution, that is clinical focused maximizing current resources to address our patients needs today, while preparing for tomorrow.


We believe the best place to stay healthy, recover from illness or maintain quality of life for terminally ill patients is 'the home'. With medical equipment and therapy services providing complimentary services, 'Star Care' solution is a 'complete' solution that is reliable and trustworthy.

We utilize all our skills to provide cost effective, quality driven services to recover and/or improve the quality of life to our patients, while establishing the foundation to support a 'stay healthy' wellness model that is based on disease management protocols for Diabetes, CHF and COPD.

Star Care Health Services strategic approach to serving the senior healthcare needs is a 'comprehensive service' strategy. Extensive patient care capabilities supported by in-depth knowledge of healthcare services 'Star' customers to receive appropriate, qualified services. "Continuity of Care" is supported by utilizing cutting edge technology & web based information management tools to supplement our hands-on service model with the patients, medical providers, patient families in a participative and complimentary role.


'Star Care Home Health': provides home nursing, aides, therapy & medical social worker services in the comfort of a patient's home. 'Clinical Pathways' for fast-track recovery consistent for all patients include Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neurological, Endocrine & Musculo-skeletal Pathway processes. Star Care Home Health nursing staff are certified in wound care in addition to CHF, COPD and Pneumonia management with an intent to prevent re-hospitalizations within 30 days after discharge from a hospital

'Star Hospice' : provides services for terminally ill patients and their families. 24-hour on-call availability of a hospice registered nurse provides clinical support & the pastoral/volunteer services assist with spiritual/ emotional support for patients and their loved ones. An interdisciplinary team of specially trained professionals to help care for the patient including a medical director, physician, nurse, and social worker as well as a chaplain, health aide, homemaker, and volunteer as needed. Medical supplies, equipment, and medications to provide comfort and symptom management related to the terminal illness are covered by Medicare in this program

'Star Oxygen & Medical Equipment' : provides hospital beds, commodes, wheelchairs, home oxygen services, Blood Pressure monitors, Diabetic Supplies, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, C-Paps, Bi-Paps and many other types of home medical equipment that help patients recover from an accident or illness in their own home. Prompt service and reliable 24/7 support is the driver for Star Oxygen & Medical Equipment.


Star Team: Heart of the Star Family' is the 'Best in Class' professionals working as a team at every level in the organization. Professionally excelling & with a heart that 'Cares', the 'Star Team' has overcome industry challenges and delivered outstanding service with a staffing of over 200 full time and part time employees, we represent the most comprehensive, outpatient service organization in West Texas & Eastern New Mexico. Our capabilities also include handling patients on a daily basis 24/7. With 6 Federal (Medicare) and 6 State (Medicaid) licenses, dozens of private insurance contracts. We are known for compliance, quality and consistency of services with Federal and State licensing standards. All licensing surveys to date from our start in 1997 have consistently gave us high marks for our patient care issues. In addition to licensing requirements, we take additional steps to identify, recruit and retain some of the best clinical and administrative staff. With a retention rate of over 99% with our staff, the quality of work environment has been consistently been superior in every service area for each one of our patients, thanks to our outstanding staff members.


A philosophy of 'reverse organizational structure' i.e. with the patients at the top supported by our field personnel, in-turn supported by our supervisory & administrative staff is a model that does not compromise service quality with growth. Patient case-conferences with an emphasis on communication provides continuity of services enhanced by a 'one-stop' senior healthcare service strategy. 'Star Family' also is active in community events such as the annual 'Relay for Life' in Odessa. "Star Team' also assists in providing continuous education for nursing professionals by sponsoring an annual 'Star Care Continuous Nurse Education' program for nursing professionals in the Permian Basin. For individual service details, please click on 'Service Blocks' listed on the left or on the home page.

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S: Service of the highest quality.

T: Team work in delivery of care.

A: Attention to patient Needs.

R: Respect to individual rights.

C: Compassion in care delivery.

A: Accessibility at all times.

R: Respect to provider preferences.

E: Excelling service delivery standards.


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- Ravi Shakamuri, M.S. : Chief Executive Officer

- Madhu Shakamuri, M.A.: Chief Operating Officer

- Michelle Baeza, R.N. : Director for Hospice Services, Odessa, Texas

- Andrew Ramirez, R.N.: Director for Home Health Services, Odessa, Texas

- Melonie Ankerholz, R.N : Director for Home Health & Hospice, Hobbs, New Mexico

- Sam Alur, MBA: Director for Marketing & Customer Outreach Programs

- Monique Armendariz: Supervisor for Billing Services

- Tori Reece, R.N.: Director for Quality Assurance